Louis Garneau


A manufacturing and distribution company specialized in the design and development of high-quality sports clothing, mainly cycle wear, helmets, and accessories, as well as clothing and accessories for cross-country skiing and other outdoors activities, helmets for alpine skiing, swimwear, clothing for children, custom clothing for teams and corporations, and most recently, bikes and fitness equipment, cross-country poles, snowshoes, and accessories.

One Company… spanning six continents. It started as a dream. A dream that our engineers gave life to and from this dream evolved a helmet, a shoe, a bib, and every product we offer. What often begins as a concept for improving comfort, while still delivering performance, develops into complex technology that differentiates design from reality. We transform intuitive ideas into intelligent products. We erase boundaries and build resolutions. We capture an audience of millions of cyclists worldwide and not only have we built a company from their needs, we offer an evolving solution. A whole new level of cycling gear for a whole new world of athletes. We invite you to unlock your potential. The truth is you will never understand the power of our products until you ride them. Awaken the dream. Experience Garneau.


Signature Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau, President