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By Ron Barry:

Known to many of us, Samual Abt, is a brilliant writer on cycling: I have to recommend his article today in the International Herald Tribune under the headline “On This Tour, No Breakaways.”   On the surface the article is about a program in France  The event, termed the Penal Tour de France, is a 15 day, 1400 mile, clockwise tour of France.  On the eve of the ‘real’ Tour, this story had me thinking that the French might be on to something in terms of prisoner rehabilitation – but that is an article for a different time.  Now, if they had a tour for former pros who have been either been busted for drugs or admitted taking, we could have a very exciting Penal Tour indeed: Bjarne Riis, Jan Ullrich, Floyd Landis, Ivan Basso, Alexander Vinokourov, Michael Rasmussen, Ricardo Riccò – well, you get the picture.


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